Team Starkid Fans

The weird thing for me is that my kids, or our kids, are around the same ages that we were when we first did that scene on 9 3/4.  And Rose is a little bit older, but Ryan, who plays Hugo, who’s my son, I think he’s just coming up to 9, which is how old I was when I first started this.  And seeing them, and seeing how excited they are and talking to them about their experiences is really weird.  It’s kind of cyclical, it’s like we’ve gone full circle.  It was the first time that it really hit me that it was going to be over.  And it brought back memories of the very beginning, when it was kind of so amazing, and I was just so in awe of it all.  And, you know, I think I just realized how incredible it all was.

The first and last pages of the photobook from the DVD box set.

HP Books by Fred and George: 1. Fred and George and that time we pretended to be each other. 2. Fred and George and that time our sister got a crush on Harry Potter then nearly died. 3. Fred and George and that time we gave Harry a map. 4. Fred and George and that time we gambled at Quidditch and won. 5. Fred and George and fuck you Umbridge we didn’t need to go to school anyway. 6. Fred and George and bitches be jealous of our awesome joke shop. 7. George and that time it stopped being Fred and him.